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Apply practical Market Access strategies that work
Until now the most detailed knowledge of Market Access was in the hands of a few… let's change that story!

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Benefits of the service 

Who is this course aimed at? Market Access is not only a department, it is a strategic and transversal knowledge that involves all the key areas of a pharmaceutical corporation related to the life of a product or device.

For the teams of sales representatives, commercial, medical, HEOR, value proposition and, of course, Market Access.

For all people whose job is to provide value and practical strategies for accessing a product/device within the health system

What valuable information can you learn from the 10Access course?

You will learn about the different components of Market Access and how to use them successfully

You will have a new vision of Market Access. You will understand that this is transversal to the entire company and that each member of the team must be an active part of the access strategy

You will develop better skills that will allow you to propose and execute successful Market Access strategies

You will understand what the patients’ route within the health system is like and how you can add value to this route with your product

You will know what technical inputs you need to execute a successful Market Access strategy with a particular pharmaceutical product or medical device

You will know when and where your access strategy needs technical inputs from the pharmacoeconomy, efficacy and safety studies, and other tools to be successful in your strategy

6 reasons why you should buy
this course

To understand the market for your product and propose and implement access strategies that have impact


To identify and develop the inputs and tools that will make your product/device flourish


To learn about the legislative and regulatory environment – how it affects your portfolio – and what to do


To become a strategist who can make and execute proposals successfully


To strengthen your CV and grow professionally


To add significant value to your organization and be in the best positions


Acquire the 10Acces course

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