How to enter and succeed in the Latin American pharmaceutical market?

We design and execute strategies Market Access of impact and with success in Latin America. We know the needs and decision maker incentives

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Consultancy 10X

We carry out a 360 degree analysis of your technology and particular situation to design and execute a successful access strategy


Take this course if you want to learn about Market Access, design and implement impact strategies and have a differential knowledge


Does your product have differentiating characteristics that you need to convey to your customers or decision makers? 


With our intelligent tools for database analysis, you will be able to turn public information from the health system into your ally

How do we do it?

Learn how we develop strategies for Market AcceH.H comprehensive and impactful for the pharmaceutical sector in Latin America

How do we do it?

Learn how we develop strategies for market access comprehensive and impactful for the pharmaceutical sector in Latin America

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Our team

Camilo Castañeda-Cardona

Neurologist with 6 years of experience generating inputs in Market Access.

Pieralessandro Lasalvia

Doctor, with 5 years of consulting experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Why use our products?

  • 10x method
  • Design and execution
  • Allies and connections
  • Useful and up-to-date courses
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge

10x method

We are convinced that the design and execution of a successful Market Access strategy is based on the systematic method, with clear performance indicators and results.

Design and execution

We make a comprehensive analysis of your healthcare technology and the market situation you want to enter or optimize your positioning. We establish an initial diagnosis and propose a feasible strategic plan with measures of success and specific actions in the short, short, medium and long term.

Network of allies and connections

We are connected with the main key decision leaders in the region and the Latin American consultants with the best results and reputation in the health technology markets.

Useful and up-to-date courses

The challenging environment of the pharmaceutical industry demands strategists with a high capacity for execution. Our courses will allow you to generate impactful results and add a lot of value to your organization and the health system.

Interdisciplinary knowledge

We combine our experience in the pharmaceutical sector, with tools from the drug economy, legislative knowledge, contracting models, payers' needs and incentives, patient care routes, among others.


The calculator in web app format has been extremely useful in our access strategy since it allows us to explain and position concepts in a graphic, clear and easy way with decision makers
Francy flores
Colombian Pharma Access Executive
The visualizer developed for our organization has allowed in a successful and very easy way to show the benefits of our technologies to payers, it is definitely a tool with a lot of impact!
BIIB affiliated with Biogen inc.
In many cases, the use of inexpensive models in the field is time consuming and requires a lot of training time and the use of complicated files. Ideaxplore has helped us develop interactive tools that have enhanced the communication of valuable messages for our clients.
Juan Camilo Forero
Health Economics Manager Amgen Biotechnology
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