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Market Access y pacientes
Market access

Market Access: A Patient-Centered Vision

As we have seen in previous posts, market access in the pharmaceutical sector allows therapies to reach the largest number of patients who need them, breaking down barriers of availability and affordability.

Market access

Barriers to access to health services in Colombia

Access barriers are caused by multiple factors, some authors affirm that among these causes, which also promote inequity, are the privatized model of pharmaceutical innovation and the condition of monopoly ...

market access
Market access

Why was Market Access born?

The new areas, which are born from articulating different elements, are called Market Access departments.

el poder de la negociación
10x negotiator

Power in a negotiation: the 5 elements you cannot ignore

One of the worst mistakes we can make in relation to a negotiation is to ignore that it always involves a power game. Next, you will read the 5 factors associated with the most relevant power game in any negotiation

10x negotiator

The negotiation clock

The different moments in a negotiation process are key. Usually, the arguments, the power, what the parties are willing to give up or not give up is not the same at the beginning of the negotiation as in the middle or at the end of the process.

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