Does your organization have a lot of valuable information but fail to present it to decision makers?
When it comes to transmitting and positioning valuable messages, do you lack a powerful and easy-to-use graphical interface?

Know a free example of the product.

Service benefits 

IdeaXplore in collaboration with your strategic ally NeuroEconomix has developed innovative interactive displays to present and position information to its customers and decision makers. These displays will allow you to present both scientific and commercial information graphically and easily

What valuable information can transmit graphically through this tool?

Population susceptible to intervention.

Variables keys to keep in mind.

Results in costs.

Results in savings.

Impact of its technology in key variables.

Behaviour in the time.

4 reasons why you should buy
This product

Your team will have a better understanding of the key message you need to convey


It will position your value message with the decision maker graphically and easily


The decision maker will be able to incorporate his own information to the data analysis that you want to show him in an easy way


You will have the central control of the tool to: update it, change data, have personalized profiles and accesses and follow up, you will only need an internet connection!


Know a free example of the product.

  • In this product we show the impact that using a drug / device would have on a patient population and what would be its effect on key variables in this population, and their behavior over time.
  • We consider of special relevance the ability of the tool to show impact on: saving or optimizing resources and improvements in relevant clinical outcomes for the decision maker
  • We customize the tool to your needs.
  • According to your specific requirements, we design personalized displays with an impactful graphical interface, where the benefits of your technology are highlighted.
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