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We have a comprehensive portfolio to design and implement strategies and tools for Market Access in Latin America

We carry out a 360 degree analysis of your technology and particular situation

Market Access online course 100% practical and focused on results

Show your customers the value of your product through an easy and graphical interface

Get a useful analysis of the foundations of RIPS, SISMED and MIPRES

Consultancy 10x

We carry out a 360 degree evaluation of your product, market conditions, regulatory environment, incentives and interests of decision makers, to propose a strategy of Market Access successful, implementable and measurable over time

10 Access

If you really want to know about Market Access, design and implement impact strategies and have a differential of knowledge and skill in relation to your peers, be sure to watch this course that will give you the useful knowledge and skills you need to be a leader in the pharmaceutical sector

Centralized purchasing strategies in Colombia
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Digital displays for payers
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Consulting to pharmaceutical companies in Latin America
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Strategic allies in the region


It is useless if your product has a differential if it is not clear and latent in the minds of your customers. SmartDash will allow you to build visualizers and digital tools so that your customers can perceive and understand the tangible benefits and value that your products bring

i3: Intelligent Information Interphase

Obtain a complete analysis of the RIPS, SISMED and MIPRES bases that allows you to understand the market situation of the health technologies of your interest, know variables such as prevalence, geographical distribution and prices, which will serve as input to make better decisions

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  • 10x method
  • Design and execution
  • Allies and connections
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Useful and up-to-date courses

10x method

We are convinced that the design and execution of a successful Market Access strategy is based on the systematic method, with clear performance indicators and results.

Design and execution

We make a comprehensive analysis of your healthcare technology and the market situation you want to enter or optimize your positioning. We establish an initial diagnosis and propose a feasible strategic plan with measures of success and specific actions in the short, short, medium and long term.

Network of allies and connections

We are connected with the main key decision leaders in the region and the Latin American consultants with the best results and reputation in the health technology markets.

Interdisciplinary knowledge

We combine our experience in the pharmaceutical sector, with tools from the drug economy, legislative knowledge, contracting models, payers' needs and incentives, patient care routes, among others.

Useful and up-to-date courses

The challenging environment of the pharmaceutical industry demands strategists with a high capacity for execution. Our courses will allow you to generate impactful results and add a lot of value to your organization and the health system.