I3 is a technological platform that houses 3 innovative services: RipScan, MedInfor and SmartDash.

Below you can see specific examples of the functions and benefits that each of them can provide to you and your organization, and you can download free samples of the services . Do not miss them!


This tool allows extracting and debugging information coming from Sispro (national data base) and other sources, to generate analysis on key patient characteristics who have a specific pathology in Colombia, tied to a CIE10 code.


We all know that the information from Sismed and Mipres is a valuable tool for your access analysis.

Our MedInfor tool allows you to extract, analyze and complement the data coming from the two databases so that you can make the best decisions in your access strategy.


Do you have a lot of technical input (economic or epidemiological studies, or any other type of information) with messages that are not adequately reaching decision makers?

Do you want you sales force or access to efficiently transmit results and concepts on a graphic interphase that is easy to use?

Do you have any problems with your Excel files because they are heavy, not user friendly and do not work well on tablets or ipads?


Do you want to bring a new technology from the pharmaceutical sector to Colombia, whether it is
a medication or a device?

You already have one available in the market, but you don´t know how to design a winning access

Do you want to improve your access strategy?

For several years we have worked successfully inside the health system, successfully advising more than 20 multinational pharmaceutic companies in terms of access, and we have produced countless technical inputs on epidemiology and pharmacoeconomy with the purpose of positioning health technologies.
This trajectory and learning experience have led us to create TrullyAccess, a 360° service analysis of your product that will allow you to make accurate decisions on your access strategy. This service includes a diagnostic and an intervention phase that consider key aspects necessary to design the appropriate access strategy.

This analysis includes the following components:


Database and insurance or provider information manager

Do you have a lot of information and do not know how to turn it into something useful? Do you have large data bases but the information in them cannot be used to make better decisions? Do you not have a solid method that allows you to take advantage of your data? Do you need a user- friendly visual interface that is easy to use and that has high connectivity to other tools?

4 reasons why you must use CleverBase: