10x Consultancy
What do we do?

We create strategies in Market Access, health policy and medical affairs so that a pharmaceutical company can prepare, launch and succeed in the Latin American pharmaceutical market with an efficient implementation of the plan

Who are we?

We are a group of strategists from the pharmaceutical sector trained in medicine, the health economy and administration, with extensive experience in the entry, optimization and development of Market Access plans in Latin America

Why buy this service?

The outlook for entering the pharmaceutical markets is increasingly challenging: regulatory issues, achieving returns, and how to approach payers and other decision makers presents big challenges. In-depth strategic, empirical and technical knowledge is required in order to achieve this successfully. For this reason, we have built a package of solutions for your organization

Health Policy

The growing competition for therapeutic options and health costs have spurred health systems, especially in Latin America, to create policies and mechanisms that promote sustainability and the best outcomes for patients. It is necessary to structure and implement strategies that can balance access to technologies and subsequent health outcomes with financial sustainability. We share the vision of public policy makers in Latin America

Medical affairs

The identification of shortcomings and the generation of scientific evidence is key to building the value proposition of a health technology. It is vital that the medical team construct the right arguments, is in touch with the real need of insurers and providers, and can integrate with other departments to achieve effective results in Market Access.

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